Monday, January 13, 2020

A Writer's Prayer

These words—they have been 
Whistling like birds in me
And around me and through me
Ever since that month, that week,
That day, that morning, that moment
When I saw a windhover hover against
An open sky above an open field
And time past and time present 
Fell together and gave birth
To a fledging hope that 
I could take that moment
And give it time future--
A new life between the pages of a book.
This is a prayer to give wings to my hope.


radagast said...

A person can wait a long time for a line as perfect as this: "I saw a windhover hover against/
An open sky."

Jim said...

I love it... a mastery of the thing itself.

Melody said...

This is so, so beautiful.