Friday, October 28, 2016


We've been having stunning sunrises and sunsets here lately, which okay fine, is probably due to pollution.  But wow.  They've been smacking me upside the head, they're so stunning.  And the moon and the stars at 5:30 in the morning have been doing the same thing.

And so I've been asking myself the question why?  Why do human beings come wired to notice beauty?  I guess you can make an evolutionary argument about the wiring thing when it comes to human beings going out on dates with other human beings who they think are beautiful and also excellent kissers.  Dude.  That totally helps with propagation of the species.

But noticing the beauty of slanting light on an October morning?  What possible evolutionary function does that fill?

When Phil was a little boy he used to ask me unanswerable questions about strangers all the time.  Why is that man's hair funny?  Why is that lady walking down the street?  Why is that car yellow?And so, because I had no answers, I said, "BECAUSE JESUS WANTS IT THAT WAY."

And now that I'm old and thinking about needlessly extravagant displays of light, who knows.  Maybe Jesus wants it that way.

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Louise Plummer said...

And best of all even though we have seen gorgeous sunsets hundreds of times, we are still awed when we see another one. It never grows ho hum.