Thursday, October 27, 2016

A meditation on football

Actually, I have nothing profound to say about football in spite of the fact I've been meditating on it.

But I will say this.  I'll bet you that 100 years from now, football--at least in the form we know it--won't be around.  And people in the future (wearing space suits and driving around in flying cars with their BFF robot friends) will look back on the sport the way we look back on the whole gladiator thing, i.e. in disbelief that people ever had fun watching men hewing each other down, especially if they looked as cute as Russell Crowe did in that toga, which would make all the Roman ladies go, "NO!  DON'T HEW DOWN RUSSELL CROWE!  HE'S JUST SO ADORABLE IN THAT TOGA!"

I could be wrong.  But the way football is headed and the way our first world sensibilities are headed, I wouldn't be surprised.

Which is my way of saying I'm glad I'm alive now and can watch Sunday Night Football whenever I feel like it.  As long as--you know--it's Sunday night.


Lauren said...

Concuss ALL the heads!

Jim said...

I don't disagree with what you say, but I hope against it. I think football (as well as other sports) is important. I have told young men that play football passively (due to concerns about being nice), that if Jesus played football, he would play by the rules, absolutely, but I believe he would be a hard hitter. It is a great game. Its life. There's the good (your team), and there's the evil (the opponent). There's lots of choices (pass, blitz, punt, go for two-points), and there's lots of consequences (interception, sight-adjustment taken to the house, long punt-returns, not making it). There's pleasure in playing, and there is pain in injuries. Sometimes your team is just not going to make it; other times you win. I bet Heavenly Father watches football, but if he doesn't, thats ok. He watches life, and it is just about the same thing.