Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ermagersh! What's wrong with me?

I've always misread words.

For example, where most people would see the word "polish" and think of Lemon Pledge--especially if they saw that word on a can of Lemon Pledge--I would see it and think "Polish" as in the former pope, who was also an excellent skier, I'm told.

Anyway, this morning at breakfast at the Holiday Inn I saw a sign next to a chafing dish that said "Hamster."  And I thought well this is Texas, after all.  Who can account for what Texans like for breakfast?  But when I looked at it again it said "Ham steaks."

Which made me feel better about breakfast.

But which also made me feel concerned about my mental acuity.


Lisa B. said...

I kind of feel like The Hamster might be a delicious breakfast sandwich?

Emily said...

:) This reminds me: My friend took a picture of herself in a grocery store [Tesco] in Wales in the shoe polish aisle--an English speaker obviously translated the official aisle sign without a Welsh-speaker's input, because it said the Welsh word for [Poland]"Polish" not [shoe] "polish"!!