Monday, March 23, 2015


Dear My Blog,

I know.  I haven't done right by you again.  All I seem to do is use you to post my latest column.  That's right.  I'm a user.  And you've been my use-ee.  I apologize.  I'll try to get our relationship on the right track again and give you the respect you deserve.

Meanwhile, here's this week's column about the Dr. Pepper problem I have.




Emily said...

The best part about this column is that the 104yo woman's doctors, who are soda shaming, die before she does. I love it! I also agree that the best way to drink soda is in a cold can. I like it best when little frozen crystals of carbonation form on the top of the soda.

Megan Goates said...

Why must we (meaning NOT ME) engage in the soda-shaming? Live and let live, I say! Drink up and stop worrying about other people's beverages.

I'm done now. Great column.

Greg and Jayne said...

I loved this column back in March of 15. That was when I lived in Holladay in a nice home with a tiny garden and all the Dr. Pepper I could imagine. Now I live in Slovenia and my 25 pack of Dr.Pepper has to last until the next time my embassy friend in Belgrade comes this way bearing gifts. Every 3rd day, I allow myself one. That should mean that it is all the more sweet, but I'm finding that I ought to have 2, one time a week. Because when I can have only 1, I just worry about it being gone and I don't really enjoy it. And on a random Sunday night when I am reading and rereading Ann Cannon's old posts and columns as the most appealing form of entertainment I can imagine - I just need a Dr' Pepper to go with it!