Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Birthdays and Kidney Stones

For my birthday yesterday, Son #4 gave me a kidney stone.  His.  He called early saying he was in a lot of pain--he's had kidney stones before--so we told him to go to the nearest Instacare down there in Utah County and then we said oh hell.  We'll even spring for an ER visit this time. Ken Cannon and I are awesome parents that way.

Good thing.  This time he had a big 'un, and wow.  Poor dude was in a world of hurt.  I stood up Louise for a birthday date (sorry, Louise!) and raced down to Provo where I met up with Son #4 at the hospital there and spent the day waiting in pre-op for him and the doctor to finally take care of business.

I'm pleased to report Son #4 is feeling much better today.  Morphine and a kidney stone that's been blasted like an astro will do that for you.

Pretty sure I won't be forgetting THIS birthday any time soon.

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Megan Goates said...

Oh man. You and Louise need to reschedule that lunch.