Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Life mottos

I think I've written about this before . . .

Yeah, this is bad.  I'm not only repeating my stories in conversations, I'm re-posting my stories.  Welcome to Senior Citizenland, my friends!

Anyhoo.  TRQ and I had a conversation about our life mottos the other day.  This is how it went.

TRQ:  I like that one that says everything will work out in the end.  And if things haven't worked out, it's not the end yet.

ME:  I always say, "Things could be worse and they probably will be."

TRQ:  That's horrible.

ME:  Is it?

TRQ:  Yes.  It's depressing.

ME:  Oddly, I find it comforting.

And then of course TRQ looked at me like with that familiar expression she has--like, did your dad and I accidentally pick up the wrong baby at the baby store that day?

But here's why I find my motto comforting.  I've had enough life experience to suggest that YES!  SOMETIMES THINGS GET WORSE!  And so it's a good idea to actively appreciate and enjoy the good stuff you have now before you end up in a wheelchair.

See?  That's positive.  I'm a positive person.


Lauren said...

That's what I say when people tell me that every pregnancy's different and my next one might not be so bad.

"Or it could be worse."

I don't feel very positive about multiplying and replenishing.

James said...

This is why I don't eat at Wendy's. Your square burger could be worse, and it probably will be eventually. Eat More Pedro's Fish Tacos is as good of a motto as I can think of now.

Melody said...

I find it comforting too. My life motto: that which doesn't make you stronger, kills you. So far, so good.