Thursday, September 25, 2014

A few things I don't understand

1.  Why I still feel so busy even though all my kids are gone and I don't have three paper routes anymore--

2.  What the hell Mayor Becker had in mind when he did that crazy stuff on Third South.
"Progressive" does not have to equal "noodles for brains"--

3.  Who MSNBC thinks they're reaching with their youth-oriented programs (Ronan Farrow, The Cycle, etc.) in the middle of the day.  HEY, MSNBC!  ONLY OLD LADIES FOLDING LAUNDRY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY ARE WATCHING!  LIKE ME!

Feel free to add to my grumpy list.


Emily said...

I want to add something, but I'm still reeling over number one. I want to be less busy. Won't I ever be less busy?

Sarah said...

Potty training.

Lisa B. said...

GOSH three paper routes. I remember that and it was THE WORST. I feel all caps about it, even now.