Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here's what I feel like doing

1. Eating myself into a coma
2. Growing fur all over my body
3. Sleeping in a cave until March

Never fails. I feel pretty great during the summer, which causes me to think HEY! I CAN HANG ONTO THIS! And then one morning in mid-September I hit some sort of psychic wall and I go oh. Time to hibernate. Also grow fur all over my body.

I am always astonished by how tied into the seasons I am. Clearly I was a bear in a former life.

Meanwhile on the doughnut front (which after spending a summer of eating salads, berries and twigs I say BRING ON THE DOUGHNUT FRONT) I had another bacon doughnut--this one from a place in Draper called BEYOND GLAZED. I enjoyed it. Of course! The doughnut itself was fine, the frosting was especially fine. But the bacon? Not sure it was really actual bacon. It may have been those bacon bit things you put in salads. VooDoo just lays a slab o crispy bacon on top of their doughnuts and I just says YES! GIVE ME MORE OF THAT!


Lisa B. said...

Okay, and clearly this ALSO means it's time to ramp up the breakfast engagements, doughnuts or no.

I love the fact that you were a bear in a former life.

However, I cannot think about a bacon doughnut. I do concede that theoretically they are good. Bac-Os, however, are a crime against humanity, and a crime, also, against bacon.

LucindaF said...

Maybe you and Zora could pull a Freaky Friday thing. That way you'd have some SERIOUS fur. And also an excuse to sneak into the kitchen and eat the whole package of bacon Ken cooked.
But then your family might wonder why you're slobbering all over the place and taking naps on the floor.

Dr. SWILUA said...

I am still having a little trouble accepting the idea of a bacon doughnut.

Melody said...

Bacon with anything. I had it in chocolate, NYC, two years ago.

And fur. Yes. Tis the season.

Donna said...

funny this morning as I was doing the last minute helping my daughter with homecoming I had this insane urge to eat cookies. That may seem benign...but eating cookies to me is an art form...and it requires many cookies to qualify.
I would love to be that woman who gets us every morning rain or shine, runs, returns to hearth and home with mental stability intact, wash done, hair...almost careless in appearance, certainly no hairspray needed...khaki's...old but fabulous sweater...OK, I've gone to far...I am ready to eat myself into a coma too