Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good news, darling!

That's what we say at our house any time something great happens. We're channeling our former realtor who called to tell me that my father had backed into an old garage when he was driving a U-Haul truck, thus causing extensive damage and thus causing the city to condemn the structure, which is what our realtor had been hoping and praying and fasting for FOR YEARS because the garage was an eyesore. So that's why she called and shouted in my ears GOOD NEWS, DARLING! YOUR FATHER KNOCKED DOWN THE GARAGE BEHIND YOUR NEW HOUSE!

Here's my good news. I just found out that Scott Pierce, former TV critic at the D-news, has landed at the Trib. It will be so nice to read a local's take on the new TV line-up.

Well played, Scott Pierce!


DylanE said...

Even though I still hate The Trib, I'm glad to see this explode in the owner of the Des News' face...not that I'm bitter.

Lisa B. said...

That *is* good news. I am happy to hear it!

Louise Plummer said...

Go Scott Pierce! And Lavell rocks.