Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Kerry said

Take a look at the third comment under my previous post. It comes from Miss Provo's sister, aka Kerry.

This brings up an interesting point for discussion. When should you tell as opposed to show when writing fiction?


Kerry said...

at least I remember saying it, right? ;-)

LucindaF said...

This is an important and relevant topic to discuss.

If someone were to "show" me why I'm not Miss Provo, that might creat a visual impairment on my psyche.

"Telling" me why I was never asked to be Miss Provo might make the stab in the back quicker, and less painful in the long run. Plus, you can't really see scars on your back without serious twist-o-mania.

Kerry said...

all Miss Provo had to do to *be* Miss Provo was fill out a form. she was the only one who applied her year, so she got it. ;-)

Kerry said...

I guess that's a family secret, though, so shhhhhh.