Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goin' south

My husband and I have decided to make a little impromptu trip to St. George tonight to stash his girlfriend (i.e. the green miata convertible) for the winter. This means the possibility of burgers from In n' Out looms on the horizon.

Had a conversation last night with writer friends about what we want. Fame? Money? And here's what we concluded. That someone wants to buy our next book. That there can even BE a next book. Far from being supremely confident beings, most of us semi-pro writers exist in a semi-fearful survival mode, I think.

Thanks for your input this week. Feel free to post more. I love hearing from you guys.

And oh btw it turns out I have a natural appitude for the air guitar. I nailed about a dozen songs on my first try yesterday.


LucindaF said...

I'm thinking you really need to youtube this air guitar talent of yours, so we can all bask in your prowess and awesomeness.

Hope you didn't forget to take your air guitar with you to St. George.

I guess Ken deserves to hog you for awhile. Somehow, the rest of us will survive.

Kerry said...

semi fearful? nah. more like full of abject terror. and that's when I'm optimistic because fear indicates, like, *hope.*

Lisa B. said...

I could have predicted that you'd be awesome at air guitar. You gots the air guitar aura.

Yeah, another book kind of seems like "happily ever after" to me. But it's still what I want.

Hope you have a great little road trip . . . they're building an In 'n Out up here in West Jordan. You'll have to come and we can do the city up proud. By which I mean, shop at the Old Navy. And I am equidistant between any number of Targets, each with their local charm.

whirligigdaisy said...

Some of us just want there to be a first book. On a day like today, I might even just take a good sentence and the desire to try again tomorrow.

The boy in my life (my husband) only reads books about where to go hiking or rock climbing or backpacking. And gear reviews. He also reads those.

I think I'm one of those needy women.
I probably need a new hobby.
Maybe air guitar.

Bob the Woodworker said...

I was going to take up air guitar, but my arthritic little finger is making it almost as hard to play the air as my Telecaster. Aging occasionally sucks. It is pretty fun listening to Ann play, though.