Friday, September 11, 2009

The best thing about St. George . . .

. . . is that my girl Emma and her husband (Jason) and baby (Haley) live here. We met them for dinner at Cafe Rio and the pork taco, my friends, did NOT disappoint.

After seeing Emma and Jason, Ken and I gave the Miata a bath, then returned to the condo here to watch the first two episodes of LIFE ON MARS (the British edition). Mystery Girl recommended the series to me after I told her how much I loved the American version and WOW! Was she ever right! Smart, creepy, darkly funny, it's pretty much catnip.


Emma said...

I loved seeing you ! Cafe Rio was delish, and you sure know how to tell a funny story. By the end I was almost in tears from laughing so hard. Thanks!

It was a great evening out.

Louise Plummer said...

Your Miata gets to spend the winter in St. George? Girl, you have serious competition there.