Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New column

"Once again, I have called on the help of my fourth son to provide a link to my column, because I have forgotten how to do it."

Okay. My son wrote that. What I want to point out are the comments because everyone is mentioning their favorite bad boy name. I'm guessing a lot of disappointing boyfriends and ex-husbands are getting some play time here.


Lisa B. said...

I love the image of you and your husband singing Bad boy bad boy to your baby. I sort of wish it were true, that's how much I love it.

LucindaF said...

I was cracking up that that song comes into your head.

Whenever you read your comments on your articles, you know what name I post under. It's not Alec.

(I have my husband help me with technical linking stuff.)

Louise Plummer said...

I knew a boy named Venoy. Later in life he had breast cancer. I blame it on the name.

Bob the Woodworker said...

You should have given your children really badass names like Chester or Poindexter or maybe Wilburforce (come to think of it, with five boys, you could have had five sons with bad-boy names. Then the Edwards Cannon boys would have been identified as truly scary. I wonder if it's possible to change the names even today?