Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ice! Cream!

So I made the decision some time ago NOT to go to Costco because a) I always spent at least $100.00 on b) a lot of stuff I ended up throwing away. TIP: a good price for a bag of bell peppers doesn't matter when you only need one bell pepper AND NOT TWENTY.

But my neighbors Kathy and Janet have been raving about hand-dipped ice cream bars which you can buy along with your polish dog at the Costco, so I drove myself down there tonight to buy one. Like everything else you buy at Costco is was waaaaaay bigger than it needed to be. That part cannot be denied. Still. It was very good indeed--especially the toasted almond part.

Yes! Another food find!


Louise Plummer said...

Do you do all this driving around for food by yourself? I mean are you eating ALONE? I'm thinking intervention.

Carolyn V. said...

Hand dipped ice cream bars? Can it be true? *looking at sky with amazement*

LucindaF said...

Yes Louise, I'm thinking I need to intervene by joining Ann on these car trips. You just plan ahead Ann, and I'll be there in 5 and a half hours.

I despise Costco, except for their gas prices. And tires. Other than that, I don't need 8 pounds of gummy bears.

The Tanners said...

i always do the same thing and i hate throwing things out! i think we might ditch the whole costco thing until Hayden (and possibly other boys) get big and want more food! i love you!