Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A tiny rant

Yesterday I read a post by a blogger who laments the fact that all the kids her children know are white and Mormon in Salt Lake City.  It's such a bubble we live in here, don't you know.  The blogger is white and liberal and fond of taking people to task for their white privilege.

OK.  I'm not sure everybody who lives on the east bench of Salt Lake is a Mormon, although I could be wrong.  What do I know?  But yes.  If you live on the east bench in Salt Lake, you're bound to know primarily white people.

That's why if you want some diversity, it's an excellent idea to drive west of Third West every now and then and spend some time watching your boys play baseball in Glendale and football in Rose Park.  That's why it's an excellent idea to send your kids to the neighborhood schools like Bryant and West where Pacific Islanders and Hispanics make up the majority of the student populations.

Gah.  I so resent lazy caricatures of this city.


CSIowa said...

I love you, Ann. You are the bomb.

Louise Plummer said...