Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Yesterday on my FB page, Middle Son posted this:  "Because I know you love yourself a good baseball brawl."  And then he put up a link about last week's epic Blue Jays/ Rangers bench-clearing. Which I enjoyed.  It must be said.

But why?

Why does a good brawl feel refreshing to me?  Like, it totally clears my sinuses or something.  I have no answers on this front, but if you enjoy yourself a good brawl as well, feel free to peruse the following links.



You're welcome!


James said...

I believe it comes from the same part of us that has made UFC cage fighters famous enough to be on DWTS, or rubber-neck it when we see a crash on the highway, or willingly go to a Jr. High Band Concert. All potential disasters...
that we want to see. It probably is the opposition-in-all-things of our natures; we are good souls because like baseball brawls.

Donna Tagliaferri said...

I especially enjoy the look on folks faces when I say I enjoy a brawl, or someone elses argument or a scene of any kind I am not directly involved in.