Thursday, March 31, 2016

What I did yesterday

1.  Took my morning walk with Kathy, Sally, and Nancy.
2.  Ate several raisin cookies for breakfast.
3.  Facetimed with my Texas family.
4.  Read and responded to texts.
5.  Talked to my parents on the telephone.
6.  Imagined my grandmother standing in the kitchen with me.
7.  Walked all three dogs with Ken Cannon.
8.  Planned this summer's garden, wondering if I have room for Cosmos AND Oriental Poppies.  (Sadly, I think the answer is "no.")
9.  Had a pedicure which turned my toenails a nice dusty rose color.
10.  Took a long, hot shower.
11.  Started reading a novel Louise loaned me, The Memory Man by David Baldacci, which looks to be pretty damn entertaining.
12.  Thought about taking a hike but didn't.
13.  Thought about going to Brugge downtown to buy some fries but didn't.
14.  Ate the rest of Randi's awesome carrot cake for lunch.
15.  Did not deny myself a single can of Dr. Pepper all day long.
16.  Talked on the phone with my brothers.
17.  Answered some e-mails.
18.  Asked TRQ what time of day I'd been born.  She didn't remember, but the Coach did.
19.  Spent some quality time (and I'm not being sarcastic) on Facebook.
20.  Talked to various sons.
21.  Ate at the Rio Grande with my noisy, lively family.
22.  Watched Jimmy Kimmel.
23.  Allowed one of the cats (the developmentally challenged one) to creep into bed with us when Ken Cannon wasn't looking.
24.  Uttered a prayer of gratitude.
25.  Turned 60.

It was a lovely day.  Every single scrap of it.


Amelia said...

That sounds like a great day!

Emily Prusso said...

Happy Birthday to the bravest, prettiest person I know.

Lauren said...

You are a babe-ilicious 60 year old.

Lauren said...

You are a babe-ilicious 60 year old.

Lisa B. said...

what a fantastic list for a fantastic woman on a great day. love and magic to you, Ann Cannon!

Philsy C said...

Happy Birthday, Moms. The dinner at Rio Grande was special. Four of my favorite parts: 1) Spitting in Philo's face and making him cry. 2) Having Chloe tell me her favorite Star Wars character... "He Who Shall Not Be Named". 3) Grandpa saying he used to coach kids like me (or at least that was my interpretation of it) and wondering what he meant by that. 4) Nancy Sinatra.

Love ya.

Megan Goates said...

Number 6. Wow. It hurts so good.

You're sixty! I'm so glad you were born.