Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What I Learned From Watching THE MARTIAN with Ken Cannon last night

So, Ken Cannon and I finally saw that movie.  At home.  Where, apparently, I like to watch movies these days because it doesn't involve a) me getting dressed so that b) I have to leave the house.

Just put me in a cave, people.  With you know what.  (Donuts.)

Anyway, the movie is pretty intense, and I'm glad I could watch it while knitting socks so I could look away and not be physically ill while people floated around in endless space in space suits, which is one of my paranoid fantasies as I've mentioned before:  accidentally floating off into space in a space suit.

But anyway.  Here's what I learned.

1.  I should have paid more attention in math classes at Provo High School.  Math skills will save you if you get stuck on Mars.

2.  Don't eat any potatoes Matt Damon offers you unless you wash them first.

3.  You have to look like a movie star to work for NASA.

4.  The f-bomb dropped sparingly is much more effective than an f-bomb detonated in every sentence.

I recall learning other things, too, although this morning I can't remember what they were.


Emily said...

We loved THE MARTIAN at our house. We all read the book, made tee shirts to wear to the premiere and were super nerds. You might think we were the only nerds in homemade tee shirts at the premiere, but you'd be wrong because we live in a lab town that is full of nerdy scientists. So yeah, we were in good company.

Normally, I'm like you. I prefer to watch movies at home. In my jammies. And, preferably asleep on the couch. Also, I feel like I could probably work for NASA because, good looks.

Megan Goates said...

Bahahaha! And also yes, doughnuts.

Lisa B. said...

donuts YES. also, I would not say not to a cave, frankly.