Friday, January 22, 2016

A meditation on earrings

Whenever I see babies with pierced ears I want to tell them I HAD TO FIGHT FOR THOSE whereas they just rolled out of the crib one morning and off they went to Claire's for some badass baby studs.

But whatever.

The point is I have always loved my pierced ears because I had to fight for them (although it must be said after TRQ relented and let me get them pierced when I was 14, she got hers pierced the next day).  I never NOT wear earrings.  I may be an indifferent dresser.  I may be an indifferent makeup- wearer.  I may even (some days) be an indifferent-hair comber.  But I always wear earrings.

Except when I'm in the grips of a depression.  Then I'm all UGH.  PUTTING ON EARRINGS TAKES TOO MUCH ENERGY.  And also WHO GIVES A DAMN.  WE'RE JUST ALL GOING TO DIE ANYWAY.

See what good times are to be had when you're depressed?

Anyway, I had a bad siege this summer.  And I stopped wearing earrings.  And then one morning I looked at myself in the mirror and said PUT YOUR EARRINGS ON, DAMMIT.

Which I did.

It didn't cure me.

But it was a start.


radagast said...

Magical earrings, dammit. Whatever works, my friend.

Jennie La said...

I could not agree more. This is exactly my earring life and beliefs. Long live Claires.

Lisa B. said...

I want to buy you a million earrings. xo

Lauren said...

That sounds like a good shirt: put your earrings on dammit.
I didn't pierce mine until my 20s. I was afraid.

Lauren said...

That sounds like a good shirt: put your earrings on dammit.
I didn't pierce mine until my 20s. I was afraid.

Jim said...

You have good taste in earrings. Wear them all day long.

Paige said...

Just had to say that I've been having some "I miss Ann Cannon" days and wished I were closer to TKE so I could lurk around until you were working and say hi.

My mom said I couldn't get mind pierced until I was 14. Then when I turned 14 I didn't want them pierced. But a couple year later, after wearing clip-on earrings to a fancy dance, I went out and got them done. Sometimes big earrings give me a headache, or ear ache? But I have a pair that I wear all the time and if they ever break on me (knock on wood) I will be very sad.

shelley said...

You could always come hold my ferret. It's doesn't solve depression, but it never fails to put a smile on my face, which is a good start too!

Bob the Woodworker said...

It's funny how important earrings can be. When I was in a Church position where I had to go to stake meetings, I was always tempted to find a gold ring earring or two to put on my earlobes. I looked occasionally for ones that would look like they were for pierced ears. I really, really wanted to see how the stake president and others there would react. The stake president then loved to engage in practical jokes and I wondered how he would react to this practical joke. Sadly, either I never found the right earrings or got the gumption to pull off a bishop with pierced ears ploy, and I am just a little depressed now that I didn't.