Saturday, December 19, 2015

Star Wars

Well, the whole Star Wars thing is our era's mythology, right?  Sort of like The Iliad and the Odyssey belong to classical civilizations and Beowulf belongs to the Anglo-Saxons, Star Wars belongs to us.  And it's a particularly potent mythology for people who came of age watching the movies, like my oldest son who has loved Star Wars for forever.

So, it was with pleasure that we all saw it last night, although (I'll confess) I wasn't camping out for tickets or counting down the minutes or getting dressed up.  I like Stars Wars.  I even honor Star Wars.  But when push comes to shove, I could have waited to see it.

Still.  There was something  sweet about the thought of seeing it last night with the first-born (even though he and his wife ended up in another auditorium wth?)

Okay.  I liked it.  A lot, even.  Like a reviewer on NPR said, it works, because it hits all the familiar notes and hits them well.  Personally, I was unprepared for how emotional I felt when I saw the characters who have aged.

Like me.

It was an oddly bittersweet experience.


Philsy C said...

It was a happy experience for me. I think I started crying a few times. It hit all the right buttons for me! Thanks for making it happen for me.

Louise Plummer said...

Loved the old characters and the new characters. So satisfying.

Lisa B. said...

I found it so satisfying as well! And a little bit devastating here and there. Like Louise, I loved the new and the old.

Paige said...

I still haven't seen it! But I do want to, just won't buy a ticket for myself. Of course the big boys and the husband have seen it and loved it but since they went with quorums and jr high groups that didn't include me.
I love Star Wars too. And I love when big movies come out that seem to unite people into excitement.

Paige said...

I finally saw Star Wars over the weekend. Joined the masses and payed my dues. I cried. And I loved that we get a girl wielding a light saber this time around.