Monday, September 3, 2012

Our Granddaddy the Bootlegger

Just got this in an e-mail from my brother Jimmy:  "Lorri and I saw Lawless this weekend. It was a pretty good movie. Interesting. I had relatively recently heard that Grandpa Covey drove moonshine during prohibition. Have you heard that too? I told the boys, and they immediately thought that was cool. Irwin Covey was strongly trending around our house Saturday afternoon."

The answer is "yes," I'd definitely heard about Granddaddy's moonshining days in Wyoming during "pro-hi"  (he pronounced it "pro-high")  while I was growing up.  He didn't have a still himself (our grandmother would have slapped him silly and then slapped him some more) but he did shuttle the "before" (grain) and the "after" (booze) to various locations.  He used to say that one of the still operators always greeted him with, "Thanks for the grain, Skinny.  I got me some hungry chickens here."

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Jeanna Stay said...

When I first read the title of your post, I read "Our Granddaughter the Bootlegger." I think that would have been a pretty good post too. :)