Friday, April 6, 2012

Wait. It's Friday already?

And I haven't posted since Monday?

The week clearly flew by, and apparently I was barely sentient while it all happened. It's funny how sometimes you have so much to say your brain almost explodes. And then . . . nothing. At least there's weather to speak of this morning. Snow and the wind just whipping it all into your face. We aborted our morning walk halfway through and came home where I have since consumed a can of Dr. Pepper while trying to write but mostly (instead) watching a flock of Cedar waxwings (joined by several party-crashing robins) eat the red berries of the Hawthorne tree outside my window.

Even if everything else goes to hell from here on out, the day will have been a good one because of this quiet view.


James said...

Sometimes drinking a Dr. Pepper while looking out your window to see a Cedar Waxwing gets the day started right. Othertimes, reading about it does the trick. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa B. said...

My day has been long, productive, eventful, but how I wish oh I wish I had had that quiet hour. A quiet hour is to be cherished, especially when there are cedar waxwings and an errant robin to watch.