Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An accounting

In the last two weeks I have . . .

Read three books:  HOW TO LIVE OR A LIFE OF MONTAIGNE by Sarah Bakewell, THE FINISHING SCHOOL by Muriel Spark (I love her), and THE NAME OF THE STAR by Maureen Johnson.

Also read various essays by David Rakoff, as well as half of Anne Tyler's (I love her,too) new book, THE BEGINNER'S GOODBYE.  And also your blogs!

Consumed insane amounts of Dr. Pepper.

Planted various things in my yard, including Garden Phlox, Jacob's Ladder, and Dead Nettle.  The "dead" part is the name and not a description of its state.

Talked multiple times to all my boys, including the ones on the coasts.

Eaten salad with TRQ who told she's never actually been a fan of the salad.

Walked and/or run most mornings with Kathy and sometimes both Kathy and Nancy.

Written sample chapters and sent them off.

Knit a pair of socks.

Written two columns and also blogged.

Seen a few friends, all of whom I cherish.

Spotted and identified birds outside my window.

Attended three baby showers (how is that possible?), a groom's dinner, two receptions, and a wedding.

Participated in a spelling bee where I managed to spell "daiquiri" but struck out with "inoculate."

Thanks to Lisa B. for the motivation to account now and then.  Accounting makes you realize that you're doing more than just watching TV.  Which I have also done.


Lisa B. said...

As far as I am concerned you can give an accounting like this any old time, because I love to hear what all you're doing. Even in more detail, srsly.

radagast said...

An impressive (and exhausting) accounting! Please to enumerate identified birds, please.

wjmom said...

I'm tired just reading about it. I hope you feel completely fulfilled, if only for a moment!

Emily said...

Wow. You are extremely productive. I may have left the house to go to Trader Joe's, briefly. Then I stayed here and mostly pretended to write.

But really, I was just doing "research" on the interwebs.

Louise Plummer said...

Look at you go. Go, Ann, go!