Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's wrong with my brain?

Yes. I know. I promised I would only post about writing (and eating) matters. But, seriously, I'm sitting here wondering what is wrong with me BECAUSE of what I said to the lovely young woman (son's new girlfriend) who will be spending Thanksgiving weekend with us. "Don't worry!" I told her on the telephone. "I'll clean the bathroom for you!"

Okay. It strikes me in retrospect that this was possibly a stupid thing to say. She doesn't really know us, so what is she to presume? That we never clean bathrooms unless guests come? (Sort of true, actually.) That we think offering a clean bathroom is the height of hospitality at this house? That I have underdeveloped social skills? Also bathroom cleaning skills?

And here's the worst part. I almost called her just now to tell her I also washed the sheets in the guest room . . .

(Meanwhile, Jo is visiting from Idaho. We went to Martine's and had sandwiches and salmon. Delightful.)


Lisa B. said...

I'll have you know, I said this EXACT same thing once to a meticulous housekeeper (among her many other fine qualities) in my WARD when I was hosting the PRESIDENCY MEETING. So that was the lore about me (sort of true, sadly) forever more. The end. And I have done my best to live up to it since then.

Kerry said...

you have male children. reassurance about bathroom cleaning is ALWAYS comforting! ;-)

wjmom said...

I think EVERYONE has said this at some point. I never host book club that someone doesn't ask me if I cleaned my bathroom because of what I said 8 years ago when I FIRST hosted book club. I guess this doesn't make it better for you--unless you consider the great company you are in.

Anyway, let's be honest. Having company is the ONLY good reason to clean the bathroom (even though we occasionally do it out of duty. I hope.).

Alec said...

"Not to be rude or anything, Mrs. Cannon, but your bathroom is really disgusting."

LucindaF said...

Bathrooms are always the first thing on my mind when guests come over.

Rest assured that one day, when she is married with children she will look back at that moment and think, now I know what that crazy lady was talking about. ;)

And p.s. lunch at Martine's was the best ever. I didn't even know I liked that Martine lady and her pastrami sandwiches so much.
Thanks, Ann.