Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pet peeve

Movie trailers that give everything away . . .

Last night I went to see THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE and sat through twenty minutes of previews that were basically Cliff Notes. And by the time they were done I went wow. I don't have to see a single one of those movies now. Riddle me this: what is the point of a trailer like that?

I liked SEPTEMBER ISSUE, a documentary about scary Anna Wintour, the editress of VOGUE. By the time it was finished I was grateful I don't work for her. At the same time, I always admire people who are just really, really fabulously good at what they do. I did want to see her eat steak, but alas it was not to be.

Speaking of eating--I ate a limited edition (what a concept) Snickers bar today that had fudge instead of caramel. It was highly satisfyhing.


Lisa B. said...

I agree with you about the trailers. But I go see those movies anyway, unless they are the movie starring Jason Statham and Joan Allen called Death Race. Which, wow, who thought of THAT concept? This movie is past and gone, but it, too, appeared to give everything away, with the one tantalizing bit that Joan Allen played the evil prison warden. Again I say, Wow.

But September Issue was pretty good, right? I loved loved Grace Coddington. I kind of fell in love with her.

Ha, limited edition candy bars. HA.

Louise Plummer said...

You're back and I've missed a few posts. I completely agree with your critique of THE INFORMANT. I sat through it, thinking this is really well done. I wish I were somewhere else.

LucindaF said...

Limited edition means - test market. Maybe if you keep the wrapper for 50 years, you can bring it to Antiques Road Show, and make millions. Then blow it all in one day. Cuz hey, You're 103! Your wheelchair would look sweet all blinged up. They'd do a special, Pimp My Ride for you. Pimp My Wheelchair. I think it has a future.