Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blog as sketchbook

First let me just say that there's a sloppy snow going on outside which makes me feel like staying in bed until March. But not until I have eaten a whole pie first. (Possibly razzleberry.)

Okay. What I really want to say is that when I started blogging I had no idea that it would be something I could use the way an artist uses a sketchbook. You know how artists are always sitting around parks drawing stuff that captures their fancy and then how they use those bits later in an actual painting? Well, sometimes in my blog entries I just throw out random observations which, upon reflection, I realize might be the start of a column.

Especially when my deadline was YESTERDAY and I got nothing for my people. Hence, I think I'll take that riff on Nick Zano's abs and turn it into 500 words. And I will keep Valynne's comment in mind that whatever. She wouldn't mind kissing him for research purposes. NOT that I'll mention her by name.

(At least I don't think I will . . . )


LucindaF said...

Here's the thing about cold and snow. You eat more. And you move less. This is pioneer ancestry shining through like a flashlight up your nose.
They actually had to work and travel in it. We sprint from heated house to heated car. Maybe we should park a few blocks away and have a sweaty sprint.

Our pioneer fore-fathers had to eat whole razzleberry pies just to survive. Either that or leather shoes.

So what I'm saying is, you go ahead and eat that whole razzleberry pie. Cuz the way I see it, you're getting in touch with your ancestry.

Plus, you're tiny and cute, and you can.

Valynne said...

I would be honored if you mentioned my name. To any of my future editors/agents, it would suggest that I make sure all of my work is researched-based.

Bob the Woodworker said...

It's so nice being able to take peeks into your verbal sketch book sometimes. It's also funny how we all respond to different weather conditions. Part of me responds to cold weather and snow by going out and running five miles because it feels invigorating. I think I must be channeling those Danish genes of my mother. On the column thing, just be sure to mention that Nick Zano acts like a girlieman.

The Tanners said...

haha and you thought you were just rambling :o) i will say i am glad i am not in utah right now, though we are having one heck of a snow storm and it's freezing cold!