Friday, February 6, 2009

What not to Wear

Okay, so I meant to do a little work on my novel. But instead I somehow got focused on how comfortable my stretchy pants are. And THEN I got caught up in one of my favorite paranoid fantasies, i.e. that Stacy and Clinton from WHAT NOT TO WEAR show up with friends and family to do an intervention with me.

FRIENDS: Look at her just sitting there on her bed wearing those stretchy pants, waiting for ON THE RECORD WITH GRETA VAN SUSTEREN to start. Which she likes. Even though Greta has a big old girl crush on Sarah Palin.

FAMILY: She wears those stretchy pants everywhere. She'd wear them to church if she thought she could get away with it. She'd also take her knitting to church if she thought she could get away with that, too.

ME: Dude. Stretchy pants are comfortable. What's wrong with being comfortable? When you're my age, you should feel free to wear stuff that feels comfortable. LIKE STRETCHY PANTS. Or stuff from Chico's.

STACY: Chico's?

CLINTON: Things are worse than we thought.


Kerry said...

Wasn't Ann Dee on that show?

Louise Plummer said...

I'm sitting on my bed in my stretchy underwear.

Lisa B. said...

Wow, please spare all of us the uncomfortable clothing. I am all about stretch. Tell those What Not guys to shut up. On other other hand, if it had been Trini and Susannah, that would be a different deal, because they will NOT put up with any of your guff.

Alec and Randi said...

You look good in your stretchy pants. In fact, I think you've just convinced me to get some of my own! Also, my mom LOVES Chico's... Uh oh.

Sarah said...

Just wanted to say hi, Ann. I saw you at church today, but didn't make it over to say it then. That was quite the talk your son gave. I loved it, actually. I was having flashbacks of him as a square-headed 4-or-5-year-old bearing his testimony. He was just as honest then as he was today. An unforgettable sort.

Bob the Woodcutter said...

I think stretchy is overrated and that the way one look is more important, especially if you're a beautiful or handsome middle-aged woman or man. That's why I tend to the tight black leather pants and boots look. On the other hand, old long-sleeved T-shirts and worn, easy jeans is about as good as it gets!