Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Had a satisfying conversation with my oldest son today. Among topics covered: the art of political cartooning, the creative process, various TV shows including LIFE ON MARS, the Drudge Report, key lime pie, the separate virtues of COSTA VIDA and CAFE RIO (a conversation started by Alec and Randi), and oh yeah. Why I hate my son's ponytail.

We also talked about the genre of fantasy. His wife loves fantasy and thinks I should try my hand at it. I told my son that I wish I COULD write fantasy. Fantasy is where it's happening in kids' books. The trend started by Harry Potter shows no signs of slowing down. Whenever I work at The King's English, I am STUNNED by how much new fantasy there is to shelf.

Still. I don't think I could write it. At least not high fantasy. I'm not sure I have the patience it probably takes to create and sustain an alternate world. Me, I like to look out my front window and write about the people I see walking down the street. At least a half dozen neighbors showed up in THE LOSER'S GUIDE.


Lisa B. said...
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Louise Plummer said...

Don't you hate when the comment is deleted? Unless YOU deleted it.

Anyway, I think people who write high fantasy have been thinking about those worlds since they were kids. it's all mapped out in their heads with places and people and dragons.

Bryan Wilde said...

I think one of the reasons I love your writing is that you're real and you write about the real world. Fantasy is great, but so is laughing and having a good time with reality.