Friday, January 19, 2018

Oahu Memories

So TRQ and I have been in Honolulu because the Coach is being honored at the Polynesian Hall of Fame banquet.  This has given us an opportunity to remember all things Hawaiian.

You know.  Like that time we were here for a month and a friend loaned us a Trans Am, so we drove all over the island--the Coach and Jimmy in the front seat, TRQ and me in the back seat--listening to CCR.

But here's the moment I remembered this morning--that time we drove the Trans Am past Goo's Store on the other side of the island where a kid sat loose-limbed on the front step.  As we passed he gave us the hang loose sign and yeah.  I did feel like all that and a bag of damn chips, too.


radagast said...

Just wanted you to know that I am reading and loving your posts. I would read a bookful of your Hawaii memories.

Jim said...

That TransAm was really fun to ride the front seat. Good times.

Lauren said...

Mmmm, damn chips.