Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Sally's Birthday Present," the Conclusion

"Oh Mother Mother come here!"

Mrs. Peterson came holding up her skirt in case of instant danger.

"Oh Sally child are you hurt?"

"No mam.  Look!"  Sally pointed down to the little kittens.

Sally saw her mothers eyes turn from worried to a gentle look.

"Oh," cried Sally.  "This is the most wonderfulest birthday day ever!"

The End
By Ann Edwards
Age 9
Address 521 East 4380 North
Provo, Utah


Jim said...

This was a "most wonderfullest" story to read. Thank your for sharing. Publish more.

radagast said...

Because pioneer women knew that instant danger was better faced with their ankles showing.

Lisa B. said...

Kittens are a satisfying denouement to any story, I think.