Tuesday, July 24, 2012


One of my walking companions was the lovely Doni Perkins, a good friend dating back to the Dreaded Jr. High Days.  We met each other through our mutual friend Becky Brown Thomas all those eons ago, and we both miss her still.

On the first day when we were wending our way through Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Doni suddenly said to me, "You remind me a lot of Becky."  And then she said that taking the walk with me felt a little like taking the walk with Becky as well.

I was a little surprised by this.  I guess I'd like to know how I remind Doni of Becky, although I didn't ask.  But I was also touched, too.  It was sweet to think--for a moment at least--that three old friends were together again.


Louise Plummer said...

"three old friends were together again." I like that. I like that a lot.

James said...

I enjoyed this post. I like it that you were able to take the grand walk with friends, both physically present and present in memory. Becky would no doubt have loved that walk.

its good to have you back.

Lisa B. said...

It's good to feel something of the people we love with us always. That we carry it with us, and sometimes embody it. Thinking of you.