Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Something I know about writing

Here's what I know about writing.  Sometimes it's hard.  And sometimes it's REALLY hard.

I know, I know, I know.  I hate to be one of those writers who's always all THIS IS SUCH HARD WORK WHAT I DO!  Picking strawberries for 12 hours a day in the heat of a blazing sun and not making very much money while you're at it--okay, that's hard work.

But yeah.  The writing doesn't come easy.  Lately I've had a tough time coming up with ideas for the column.  And then when I finish one I go hide in my closet for awhile because you know.  Shame.  Gah.  I suck.

But all the time I've been feeling this way, there's been this voice in my head--it's a no--nonsense nun's voice and she has a ruler which she isn't afraid to use--that tells me you've been in this place before.  It'll pass.  Just keep writing.

Thank you, Sister.  And, of course, you're right.

Oh and btw here's this week's article.  Big shout out to Louise, Tom, and Ed.


James said...

Listen to the Nun. Writing well is hard, but you can do it. Write, write, write, both day and night...and drink a cold Dr. P, to make it all alright.

Louise Plummer said...

That nun has served you well.