Thursday, April 16, 2015

Better Call Saul

So this is my son's favorite show right now--a prequel to "Breaking Bad" which shows how CRIMNAL lawyer, Saul Goodman, becomes--you know--Saul Goodman.

I watched an episode with Son last night, and it's everything he said it was.  Darkly funny and smart--even oddly poignant-- for sure.  But I'm wondering if I want to commit to a series where I watch a character devolve instead of evolve.  I mean, that is the stuff of epic tragedy.  MacBeth.  Othello.  Hamlet They all leave their better selves behind at some point.  So "Better Call Saul" fits neatly into that tradition.

But.  Gah.  Sometimes a girl just wants a happy ending, you know?


James said...

Between the Good Wife, Better Call Saul, and I hear, How To Get Away With Murder, the lawyers are taking a hit on TV lately. Better Call S is really a return to character for him. He was a petty con-man, then he straightened up, and now he is returning to his roots.

I do like Better Call Saul, but I do fear that character stagnation might be a problem.

Battle Creek, the product of the Breaking Bad and House creators, is quite good. Smart, funny, Bad A, and usual happy endings.

Lisa B. said...

I have also liked the bits of Battle Creek I've seen. I feel like I want to watch it from the beginning. BCS I will save till (a) after I have watched (finally!) Breaking Bad, and (b) I hear whether, in the end, it's worth it.