Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A public confession

Nothing makes me ANGRIER than knowing I have a cold Dr. Pepper waiting for me in the fridge . . . only to discover someone else has swiped it without my permission.

Not that I would ever give my permission.

Anyway, I have had major major meltdowns over this issue, and so when I saw a Dr. Pepper in the fridge at work last week--not one of mine--I hesitated. But then I stole it. I KNOW.

I figured it was Viv's. She's the other Dr. Pepper drinker at TKE, and I knew she was out of town, so the plan was to take it and replace it--ta da!--and no one would knew. So I did. And then last night when I went to work I put another one in the fridge. Only I drank THAT ONE before the night was over. So I went to the store again this morning and put another one in the fridge, where it should be safe for a few days because I'm not scheduled to work.


There. Now you all know what kind of person I am.


Joseph S. Ramirez said...

Oh, dear, Ann. You've become a pirate.


Louise Plummer said...

I knew it.

Lisa B. said...

Darling. Moral consistency is SO overrated.

Emily said...

I do this VERY SAME thing at my house! I'm so glad to see someone else does it too. My husband literally thinks I'm a four-year-old.

Thank you Ann for validating my caffeine-withdrawaled tantrums.

Vivian evans said...

Most of the time I would say, "Go ahead, if you need it that badly you can have it". Today I am so grateful you replaced it. What a true friend you are.

BBB said...

LOL. Love this.