Sunday, April 1, 2012


As for the online comments on my Trib column, sometimes I read them and sometimes I don't. I have to be in the right frame of mind. If I'm feeling a little fragile or if I'm not loving my fellow man much, I avoid them. But if I'm feeling a certain largesse of spirit, I'll review them.

This week I wrote about Jell-O, which did bring out the undercover vegan crowd, reminding us that when we eat Jell-O, we're actually eating cow toenails.

I cannot begin to express the enjoyment I have felt just thinking about this.


CSIowa said...

I have a gratitude journal in which I was supposed to write 1000 things between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I did not. I am somewhere approaching 900, though, and I still mean to finish it (because I'm a little compulsive like that). Anyway, so often when I read one of your posts I feel a surge of blessed relief and joy. Today you are going in the journal along with today's other entries: peas (which I planted two weeks ago and are growing well), lilacs (mainly the scent), being able to finish my cost accounting case last night and hearing my 6-year-old sing along unabashedly with the MoTab today "Teach Me to Walk in the Light." I am thankful for Ann Cannon.

CSIowa said...

Just before I go to bed: the last sentence is still making me laugh.

Lisa B. said...

I recited this incident to my son, I cherished it so very much. Thank you for letting all of us know about these comments.