Saturday, February 28, 2009

A tiny moment of joy

Yesterday when I was working on the novel, I realized OH MY GOSH I was having fun. Like, I couldn't wait to write the next sentence. And I thought I should make note, because mostly I whine about how hard writing is and how mostly I want to just put my head in the oven. Only my oven isn't very clean.

Shelley gave me permission to make this blog be what I want it to be, so yeah. I'm going to talk about what I eat. Yesterday I ate one of my "benchmark food" items. Explanation: I have several food things I try WHEREVER I go because Scientists of Eating like myself enjoy having a basis for comparison. My benchmark foods are these--chile rellanoes, potato salad, cole slaw, french fries, fry sauce, and key lime pie. I'm thinking about adding fish tacos.

Anyway. I had key lime pie at Rumbi's. It was pretty good. The texture was firm and smooth, which I liked. It didn't taste overly of sweetened condensed milk (which always reminds me of the first lemon pie I made in the fifth grade). But it was a tad bland and the crust (although looking great) was soggy.

I'm sure you're thrilled to know this.


SWILUA said...

I really miss Rumbi's mango slushees.

Sara Z. said...

I'm like that with huevos rancheros. I eat them all over the country, ascertaining what makes a perfect plate of them. I have to say that Blue Plate's huevos trumps even a dozen of them sampled in New Mexico.

Lisa B. said...

I think that storebought/restaurant pie almost always has a letdown of a crust in store (yes, I am talking to you, Marie Callender!) . . . but that doesn't stop me from occasionally ordering a piece and Key Lime would be one of the types I would certainly order. The filling alone!